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Sarah Moore’s Self-portrait in My Hometown


Title: Self-portrait in My Hometown
Size: 17×22″
Edition: 10
Paper: Epson Hot Press Natural
Price: $125 Signed

Available at Fraction Holiday Print Sale.

Sarah’s website.


In Sarah Moore’s Self-portrait in My Hometown, we see her from the back, from a short distance, maybe the edge of the road, walking from us through the strip of grass between road and field, the top of her head even with the horizon which bisects the image, overcast sky above, overturned earth below.  Her body divides the land into equal parts, each section, in turn, divided in half, mown grass below, plowed field above, current and past and future growth.  Left and right side similar.  Her clothing echoes the blacks and browns of the rich upturned dirt and stubble, her feet in the present, body and head in the past and future.