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Palm Springs Art Museum

Whenever I’m in Palm Springs, I make a habit of going to the Palm Springs Art Museum.  In recent visits I’ve seen work by Hank Willis Thomas and Roger Ballen in the exhibits the museum has presented.  Additionally, I like revisiting some of the work they have in their permanent collection.

Some of my favorites from their permanent collection are The Starn Twins and Anselm Kiefer.

PSAM-2Starn Twins

PSAM-5 PSAM-1Anselm Kiefer

PSAM-8 PSAM-3Deborah Butterfield


Other Works PSAM-4 PSAM-7Not to be missed is their glass art collection, which is located in the gallery just west of the gift shop.  There is some truly beautiful work in there.

The Palm Springs Art Museum is a true gem in the desert. If you are passing though the area, be sure to include this museum on your list of must sees.

INFOCUS Visits Kopeikin Gallery

Saturday, May 26th, members of INFOCUS, the photography support group of the Phoenix Art Museum, traveled to L.A.. The first stop was at Kopeikin Gallery where an exhibition by Firooz Zahedi was on display.

While there, Paul Kopekin showed the boxed edition of Carpoolers by Alejandro Cartagena, which comes with a poster and a print. There is also a regular edition available.  I’ve followed Alejandro’s work for several years and previously purchased his book, Suburbia Mexicana, which documents his concern for misguided urban planning, a subject which is not limited to his home town of Monterrey, Mexico, but is relevant to many urban areas around the world.

Also discussed was Andy Freeberg’s book, Guardians, containing photographs of Russian women museum guards. Andy had a signing later that day at Paris Photo LA of his book Art Fare. Paul showed the group some of the prints from Andy’s series, Art Fare, which were filled with humor.

While there, I also got to see some small prints from Richard Tuschman’s series, Hopper Meditations. Absolutely beautiful images.

Becky Senf, Paul Kopeikin and W.m. Hunt discussing Alejandro Cartagena's book, Carpoolers.

Becky Senf, Paul Kopeikin and W.M.Hunt discussing Alejandro Cartagena’s book, Carpoolers.










Members of INFOCUS examining Alejandro Cartagena's Carpoolers.

Members of INFOCUS examining Alejandro Cartagena’s Carpoolers.


Becky Senf and Paul Kopeikin discuss Andy Freeberg's book with the INFOCUS group from the Phoenix Art Museum.

Becky Senf and Paul Kopeikin discuss Andy Freeberg’s book with the INFOCUS group from the Phoenix Art Museum.



















Hopper Meditations by Richard Tuschman.

Hopper Meditations by Richard Tuschman.

Paul Kopeikin showing prints from Andy Freeberg's series, Art Fare.

Paul Kopeikin showing prints from Andy Freeberg’s series, Art Fare.

lenZless @ Plates to Pixels

My pinhole image, The Sun’s Arc Overhead, has been selected for lenZless at Plates to Pixels by Zeb Andrews.

Pinhole photograph of the sun's path across the sky on July 30, 2013.

See my previous post for information on how the image was made.

Selected images will be posted on the Plates to Pixels site. The online show will go live on the site this weekend and will run until January 2014.

An exhibition catalog will be available for purchase — proceeds from sales of the catalog go straight to website operating costs and advertising for

The selected photographers are:


Iron Horse by Robb Johnson [Juror’s Award]
Camouflage 03 by Romulo Peña [Founder’s Award]
Year of Sunrises by Buzzy Sullivan [Juror’s honorable mention]
It Becomes Clear That You Are Planning Your Escape by Gray Lyons [Juror’s honorable mention]
Cosmos Voyager by Jan Kapoor [Juror’s honorable mention]
Waiting by Jen Kiaba [Juror’s honorable mention]
Soaring by Marydorsey Wanless [Founder’s honorable mention]


2011-10-27 by Alejandra Marin
Unfulfilled Expectations by Allen Morris
Bouyancy by Anne Arden McDonald
Self Portrait by Armen Dolukhanyan
Walk in the Woods by Armen Dolukhanyan
Fire Water by Asher Katz
Light Eruptions by Becky Romotowski
Little White House by Becky Romotowski
Untitled 4 by Bertie Pearson
Round Sign by Bill DeLanney
On the Washougal by Bruce Couch
Rature by Bruce Couch
Canned Memories by Brut Carniollus
St. Johns by Buzzy Sullivan
Tent Rocks Slot Canyons by Caitlyn Soldan
Anamorph 3 by Cameron Young
Terrior I by C B Adams
Chlorophyll print 1 by Charlotte Thoemmes
Root 3 by Christa Bowden
Tent Time by Colby Perry
Up On Payne Road by Colton Allen
Pinhole s21 by Darius Kuzmickas
Icons Of Disposability 3 by Daryna Deineko-Kazmiruk
Peace Not War by David Morris Cunningham
Grapes by Denis Roussel
Auric Object 5b by DM Witman
Paris Vanves 2013 by Faulkner Short
They Come Out at Night by George L Smyth
Invasion by Gerald Figal
Salvage 124 by Heather F Wetzel
Havana Cuba Old Car by James Sparks
Slant of Light by Jane Alynn
Driving by Jeff McConnell
Order of Chaos by Jen Mitsuko
Tree Farm by Jim Hair
4 by Jim Leisy
To discover an ocean of stillness within by JM Golding
Dunstanburgh by John Grey
Ashland Alleyway by John Thomas
Number 19 by Joseph Deiss
Cretaceous Mist by Judith Hoffman
From The Earth by Katherine Clayton
The Fire Circle by Katt Janson
1074-10 St. Johns by Larry Bullis
Untitled 3 by Lena Källberg
Red Star Beach Blanket by Linda Wilson
Figure 26 by Lindsey Beal
Sun Prints Cockroach by Liz Lee
A RoseIs…2 by Mary Rezny
Self Portrait in a Hotel Room Mirror by Moni Smith
Maryland 2012 by Nancy Breslin
Utopia by Natasha Bacca
NOLA Termites Under the Stars by Natasha Sanchez
164 by Nate Matos
1 by Nicolas Turlai
2 by Nicolas Turlai
In the Shadow of a Wax Palm by Patrick O Reilly
Contemplating the noisy confusion by Paul Karabinis
Dead Man Walking by Peter Wiklund
Red Tree by Peter Wiklund
Ground Beef by Rachel Curtis
The Sun’s Arc Overhead by Ray Carns
Bench by the Sea by Robb Johnson
Moving On #1 by Suzanne Rochette
The Barometer by Sean Duggan
Nomad by Sharon Harris
Tripped and Fallen by Sharon Harris
Levitation Blues by Spiffy Tumbleweed
Scanner camera by Stephen Ballance
Satyr-Day Night Under the White House by Terry Kreiter
Porto Old Market Stairs by Tina Rowe
Looking Far by Ugo Marinelli
Snowy River Bend by Zach Hayes


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